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Our Office Cleaning Services in Tyler, TX

Get cleaning solutions specially designed for commercial offices. The Complete Clean team will keep your cubicles and workstations free from dirt and grime and ensures that the surfaces won’t accumulate a layer of dust.

Your employees will work on sanitized desks, reducing the chances of cross-contamination. By keeping a clean office, your department will see fewer sick days and drive productivity. Your floors, halls, and meeting rooms will always be ready for any meeting, any shift, and any goal.

Our Responsibilities

Our office cleaning team will:
Clean and disinfect hard surfaces, including desks, tables, and countertops in the break room
Wipe and disinfect touchpoints (telephones, door handles, light switches, etc.)
Wipe and disinfect the interior and exterior of the microwaves in the break room
Refill paper products and soap or sanitizer dispensers as needed
Sweep and mop hard flooring
Vacuum all carpeting
Straighten entryway mats
Empty the garbage cans and replace the liners

Our Clients

Complete Clean serves various commercial establishments in Tyler, TX. We clean the offices in:
Companies of All Sizes
Banks and Financial Institutions
Government Buildings
Co-Working Spaces

How Much Cleaning Does Your Office Need?

Reach out to our cleaning experts to determine the right solutions for you. We may visit your office to verify the cleaning plan.
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Completely Clean
The Complete Clean team adheres to the highest standards of office cleaning. Our trained and vetted team uses specialized cleaning tools. We accommodate different office layouts, like cubicles to open-plan.
Completely Convenient
Complete Clean has an online booking system where you can schedule a service, cancel them, and pay conveniently. You can also get a quick quote.
Completely Reliable
Our team assesses your office requirements and creates a detailed cleaning plan. Complete Clean is also fully insured. You don’t have to worry about your commercial assets.

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We are a cleaning company that prides ourselves on our trained professionals and our excellent cleans.
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